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Chant Name:
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E Pele e Pele (O Pele, O Pele)

First Line :
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E Pele e Pele ka`uka`ulï ana

Content Categories :
Ali`i (chiefs, chiefesses)
Aloha (love)
Holoholona (animals)
Mo`olelo (legends and myths)
Nä Akua (gods and goddesses)
Pä`ani (games, pastimes, sport)
Pele `Ohana (volcano goddess and family)
Wahi Pana (legendary places)

Chant Text (Hawaiian): Chant Text (English):
E Pele e Pele ka`uka`ulï ana
E Pele e Pele hua`ina hua`ina
E Pele e Pele `oni luna `oni luna
E Pele e Pele `oni lalo `oni lalo
E Pele e Pele a`o kuli pe`e nui

Ha`ina ka inoa no Pele la ea
Eala eala ea, a i e a

He inoa no Pele
O Pele o Pele, moving along
O Pele o Pele, bursting forth
O Pele o Pele, moving upward
O Pele o Pele, moving downward
O Pele o Pele, creeping, hiding your big knees
In the name of Pele
Tra la la

In the name of Pele

Source of Chant & Translation:
Nona Beamer Collection

Published Research Sources: 

Unwritten Literature of Hawai`i (Emerson)
- Chapter XXIV is entitled "The Hula Pele" and although this chant isn't mentioned by name, the reader can get a sense of the scope of Pele chants and the nature of Pele herself.

Hula: Historical Perspectives (Barrere/Puku`i/Kelly)
- Chapter "The Hula in Hawaiian Legends" has an extensive writeup on the "Pele and Hi`iaka"myth. While this chant is not specifically mentioned, the reader can get a sense of the scope and variety of chants associated with Pele and her family.

Nä Mele Hula volume 1 (Beamer)
- Pages 68-69 give background and the "vigorous" manner in which Nona Beamer chants it. In her hula tradition, it is considered 3 ancient hula types: Hula `Ai Ha`a (vigorous), Hula Pele (dance for Pele), and Hula `Äla`apapa (formal dance).

Hula Pahu volume 1 (Kaeppler)
- In this book, Kumu Hula Tom Hiona is mentioned in several places under a listing for "E Pele", but it is not believed that this is the traditional Pele chant but rather a composition of Kumu Hiona. References: page 113, 197, 224-225.

Hula Pahu volume 2 (Tatar)
- Page 282 of the Chapter "The Music of the Pahu" mentions that "E Pele Pele Pele" i s a combination of "E Pele e Pele" & "Lapakü Ka Wahine" from the Mader Collection. Page 300 mentions Tom Hiona's version, noting it was done as a Hula Pahu.

Sacred Hula: The Historical Hula `Äla`apapa (Stillman)
- Pages 20-21 note this chant is classified as 2 hula types: Hula Päipu and Hula Kuahu. Summary of this information is given on first page of Appendix A under Joseph `Ïlälä`ole's 1940 classifications.

Hawaiian Dictionary (Puku`i/Elbert)
- Definition #6 of "Pele" is "Volcano goddess." The definition of "ka`uka`ulï" notes that the word is a reduplication of "ka`ulï", meaning "to creep along, move with a hissing sound, as fire."

Additional Notes :
Please also consult Nathaniel Emerson's "Pele and Hi`iaka: A Myth from Hawai`i" book for in-depth research on Pele and her family.

Background on Chant :
This chant is in the general type or class of Hula Pele (dances for Pele) or Inoa no Pele (name chants for Pele). Please see "Published Sources" section above for greater detail on where to find documented research on this chant. The `ïlälä`ole Collection mentioned can be found in the Bishop Museum Archives.

Please also consult the "Kupuna" section at bottom to read and hear what our elders have to share.

Pele creeping forward, 2002 Lava flow
Offerings to Pele, 2002 "Mother's Day flow"

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