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Chant Name:
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He Moku Ka`ula (The island Ka`ula)

First Line :
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He moku Ka`ula Nihoa me Ni`ihau

Content Categories :
Ali`i (chiefs, chiefesses)
Aloha (love)
Holoholona (animals)
Mo`olelo (legends and myths)
Nä Akua (gods and goddesses)
Pä`ani (games, pastimes, sport)
Pele `Ohana (volcano goddess and family)
Wahi Pana (legendary places)

Chant Text (Hawaiian): Chant Text (English):
He moku Ka`ula Nihoa me Ni`ihau

I ka ulu la`i a Kawaihoa a Käne
`O kaulana-a-ka-lä i Haläli`i
Hala ka lä kau ma ke kua o Lehua

Kau ka mölehulehu o ke ahiahi
Moe e nö Kaua`i i luna ka lä

E ö ana nö `o Lehua i ke kai
The islands Ka`ula, Nihoa and Ni`ihau (are companions)
In the peaceful grove of Kawaihoa of Käne
The sun shines over Haläli`i
The sun passes and rests on the back of Lehua
The twilight of evening descends
Asleep is Kaua`i as the sun sets

Lehua in the sea is answering the call

Source of Chant & Translation:
Nona Beamer Collection

Published Research Sources: 

Sacred Hula: The Historical Hula `Äla`apapa (Stillman)
- Pages 20-21 list this chant as 4 hula types: Hula `Äla`apapa, Hula Kuahu, Hula Wahi Pana, Hula Kalä`au. Page 62 provides a listing of available sound recordings dating back to 1923.

Nä Mele Hula volume 2 (Beamer)
- Page 73 notes Beamer's recollections of learning this chant from her grandma, who used t's & r's instead of k's & l's, just as her mother Isabella Kalili Desha did. Beamer learned it as 3 hula types: Hula Pöhaku, Hula `Ülili, and Hula Kalä`au.

Papa Kuhikuhi (Kaläkaua's Coronation Program)
- The island Ka`ula is mentioned in the first listing under Kumu Kaonowai's section called "Na Ami Honua A Lohiau." It is the same chant mentioned below in Emerson's "Unwritten Literature" entry.

Unwritten Literature of Hawai`i (Emerson)
- The island Ka`ula is mentioned in Chapter VIII "Costume of the Hula Dancer" in an Oli Lei (lei chant). The same chant appears in Chapter XXVIII "The Hula Mu`umu`u" in conjunction with Pele's sister Hi`iaka's journey to Kaua`i.

Additional Notes :
In 1997, the Bishop Museum released a CD entitled "Nä Leo Hawai`i Kahiko: The Master Chanters of Hawai`i; Songs of Old Hawai`i." It contains 48 historic recordings of chants. "E Manono" is Track 25 and is 45 seconds long.

It is chanted by Joseph `Ilälä`ole and is part of the Mader Collection at Bishop Museum. It is listed as a Hula Pa`i Umauma (seated, chest-smiting hula). The complete Hawaiian text and English translation are provided in the liner notes. As is the case with Emerson's "Unwritten Literature", there are additional lines than those listed above from the Beamer Collection. Consult the liner notes directly to study differences.

The CD is distributed by The Mountain Apple Company, P.O. Box 22373, Honolulu, Hawai`i 96823. 1-(800)-882-7088, (808) 597-1888, or

Background on Chant :
This chant takes us to the islands off of Kaua`i, namely Ni`ihau, Nihoa, Lehua, and Ka`ula. The time is the ending of a day when the sun is fading away.

Please see "Published Sources" section above for greater detail on where to find documented research on this chant.

Please also consult the "Kupuna" section at bottom to read and hear what our elders have to share.


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Beamer, Nona Kapuailohiamanonokalani Desha

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