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The work of HPS would not be possible without public and private support. As a non-profit, we rely on such help to carry out our time-sensitive mission, while we work to build the long-term financial foundation of HPS, through establishment of an Endowment, creation of new revenue opportunities, and implementation of a Halau Giving Program. Halau Giving Program that launched in the Fall of 2007.

To join HPS and help further its important mission, please make a donation today or contact us to volunteer your time.

Donation Method –

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As a Hälau –

In 2004, members of a Maui hula school voted to increase their tuition by $1 a month to contribute to HPS as a group. As a result, they are able to send regular donations to help preserve and perpetuate the voices of our küpuna. Will your hälau help HPS build a strong foundation? If you would like to join our Halau Giving Program, please email us at

As an Individual –

Your individual donations are greatly appreciated and help fill in the inevitable gaps between what our grants cover and those mission-related expenses that do not appear as a grant budget line item. All contributions are 100% tax deductible and can be made online via paypal (see button below) or mailed to:
Hula Preservation Society
P.O. Box 6274
Käne`ohe, HI 96744

As a Volunteer –

If you’re someone who has more time than money, we welcome you to volunteer with HPS. We have an array of activities going on all the time which you could certainly help with. Computer training will be provided as needed. Please call (808) 247-9440 or email to volunteer today.


Current Donors –

  • Mr. Keith Marzullo & Ms. Susie Armstrong
  • Ms. Lida Adabnejad
  • Mrs. Earlene Albano
  • Mr. Randy Avon
  • Ms. Darian Best
  • Ms. Luna Borromeo
  • Ms Mandy Bowers
  • Ms. Mary Bowers
  • Mrs. Janis Breen
  • Ms. Ioana Cabanos
  • Ms. Nani Camacho
  • Ms. Jane Campbell
  • Mrs. Judith Carlson
  • Mrs. Martha Carrell
  • Ms. Lorrie Chong
  • Mr. Elroy Chun
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Val Cook
  • Mr. George Cooke
  • Mr. Kawika Eyre
  • Mr. Richard Firsten
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dean and Kelly Ford
  • Ms. Mary Jo Freshley
  • Mrs. Marvy Gibbs
  • Mrs. Leonani Hagen
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mark Handschy & Terri Vernon
  • Mr. John Haraguchi
  • Ms. Lisa Harmon
  • Mr. & Mrs. James & Dorothy Haynes II
  • Mrs. Nancy Horton
  • Hui Hula na Iwi 'o Emalani
  • Ms. Marge Lehualani Hunt
  • Ms. Didi Ikola
  • Mrs. Leialoha Kaleikini
  • Mrs. Janet Kalolo
  • Ms. Sarah Keahi & Ms. Mele Welte
  • Ms. Diane Kuahine
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Lee-Hobbs
  • Ms. Elaine Lemons
  • Ms. Caren Loebel-Fried
  • The Lums
  • Auntie Noelani Mahoe
  • Mr. Watters Martin Jr. & Dolores Martin Foundation
  • Mr. Keoni May
  • Auntie Lani McIntire
  • Mr. Forrest Meggers
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Evanita Midkiff
  • Ms. Nersa Miller
  • Ms. Piolani Motta
  • Ms. Leina`ala Naipo Akamine
  • Dr. Nanette Orman
  • Mrs. Sheila Pitts
  • Mr. Liko Puha
  • Mr. & Mrs. Victor and Mary Ann Punua
  • Ms. Loren Rice
  • Ms. Linda Rich
  • Mr. Peter Richards
  • Mrs. Lisa Robbins
  • Mrs. Lorita Rogers
  • Anakala Johan Ronningen
  • Ms. Joan Rugg
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ray & Rita Santana
  • Mr. Hiro Sekine
  • Ms. Marsha Hee and Mr. Howard Shapiro
  • Ms. Hannah Slovin
  • Dr. Frances Spector
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Spielman
  • Mrs. BJ Taum
  • Mrs. Gloriana C. Valera
  • Ms. Lynne Waters
  • Auntie Lehua Weatherwax
  • Auntie Nona Wilson
  • Mrs. Tutasi Wilson Steinhilber & Kehau Coleman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mapela & Richard Wong
  • Mr. & Mrs. Glenn & Linda Woo
  • Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Alicia Yamamoto
  • Mrs. Elaine Yang
  • Mrs. Elissa Yellin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Sandy Yim
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stanley & Janet Zisk


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